Wheat Grass Therapy

WHEAT GRASS THERAPY:  At our center, Wheat Grass juice is extracted from pure organically grown wheat grass at our green house. We are the pioneers of wheat grass in Rajasthan, having introduced it 20 years ago. We grow pure organic wheatgrass, in a natural way without the use of any fertilizer or chemical in controlled temperature and light conditions, which makes it a pure healthy drink, unlike some other suppliers of the town. Wheat grass is also known as Green Blood, which has all the important minerals, nutrients, vitamins, etc. Wheat Grass is for all. It can be given at any age, for healthy as well as ill.

Wheat Grass Juice also has a substance called Laetrile, which has a specific power to destroy the Cancer cells. It also provides all the nutrients and energy which the Cancer patient is not able to get due to the disease.