Wheat Grass Packages

Being the pioneers of Wheat Grass Juice in Rajasthan, we aim to serve you the purest and the most organic grass which is cultivated at our own green house by our experienced staff. We have options of providing a pick up of freshly cut grass from our centers or deliver it at your doorsteps as well as provide fresh Wheat Grass Juice as per the convenience of our customers.We have tailored various packages according to your requirements.

Duration Booking Charges Courier Charges if applicable* Total Amount
15 DAYS ₹350 ₹75 ₹425
1 MONTH ₹600 ₹150 ₹750
2 MONTHS ₹1100 ₹300 ₹1400
3 MONTHS ₹1500 ₹450 ₹1950
6 MONTHS ₹2750 ₹900 ₹3650
1 YEAR ₹5000 ₹1800 ₹6800
2 YEARS ₹9000 ₹3600 ₹12600
3 YEARS ₹12500 ₹5400 ₹17900
    *Courier charges are only applicable for doorstep delivery services.

DISCLAIMER: We grow Wheat grass on a non commercial basis. Thus, we provide high quality Organic Wheat Grass in its purest form grown from organic wheat. We do not use chemicals, fertilizers or any other shortcut to increase our productivity unlike other producers of the town which we believe, who are using inorganic wheat as well as chemicals to increase their productivity.

You can collect Fresh bundle of Wheat Grass (daily/twice a week) from:

  • MANAV HITKARI SANGH – Dr.PN Mehra Memorial Hospital

            S-11, Shyam Nagar, Main Ajmer Road, Jaipur (Raj.) 302019

                                          Directions: Google Maps

  • DR.MEHRA’S HOMEOPATHY – 124, Johari Bazar, Jaipur (Raj.) 302003

                                           Directions: Google Maps

For further details, contact us on:   Mr.RM Vasudevan: +91-98294 30699

                                                 Dr.Alok Mehra: +91-98290 91449

                                                 Dr.Amish Mehra: +91-99290 44657