Weight Loss Clinic

OBESITY CLINIC: Obesity is a condition in which the body weight is 10% or more than the ideal weight as per the height and sex. Obesity is not only a cosmetic concern but it can also be a gateway to many grave diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, joint problems, psychological disorders and even promotes the development of the dreaded disease Cancer.

With today’s busy lifestyle, we do not get proper time to exercise but we eat well and end up being obese. Also, obesity is caused due to genetic or hormonal background as well as due to menstrual problems in females.

For all those people who cannot manage time for exercise and thus, are suffering from obesity or people having a genetic or hormonal cause, we provide unique and effective packages for weight reduction as well as shaping up by inch loss. Naturopathic treatment is not only relaxing and soothing but also benefits the body naturally. Homeopathy, given along with Naturopathy, helps in treating the disease as well as rectifies the tendency to put on weight.

So, the package consists of a scientific combination of Homeopathy, Naturopathy, exercise and diet regulation which helps the person to lose weight effectively without side effects. Once you have achieved the targeted weight, we train you to maintain the right lifestyle with a right calorie balance and a healthy diet so that you do not regain the lost weight and lead a slim, healthy life ahead.

ELECTRONIC BODY SHAPER AND INCH LOSS- It is an electrical gadget which exercises the muscles effortlessly in a medically proven way. It is a highly refined instrument, suited for –

Cosmetic Field – reduces excess fats from desired body portions, tones up muscles and the skin.   Medical Field – strengthens weak/normal muscles. Relaxation of muscle spasm, muscle re-education, maintaining or increasing the range of motion, increasing local blood circulation, preventing disuse atrophy.

Normally when a person exercises, the muscles contract and relax, which exercises the muscles. But it needs energy and effort. On the other hand, Electronic Body Shaper has electrode leads which are applied on the desired muscles of the area one wants to shed fat from and tone up. The device contracts and relaxes the muscles 10 times faster than the normal voluntary exercise without any effort. So the device follows the natural path only to exercise muscles, but in a faster and effortless way. This causes fat loss, tone up and inch loss and therefore weight loss and shaping up.