Steam Bath


Our Hospital is well equipped with Steam Rooms separately for males and females, each having temperature controlled steam generators. Patients are made to sit in the steam chambers with their head outside so that they don’t feel suffocated. We use oil essence in the steam so that it benefits the respiratory system of the patients when they inhale the steam.

Steam Bath has been one of the most popular methods of Naturopathy. It even holds great importance in cleaning the body systems and removing the toxins from the body. Steam Bath improves the skin quality and even reduces weight. Steam Bath uses the effects of Sun, Heat and Water elements of Nature.

Full Body Steam Bath: The steam bath at our center is given in an exclusive steam chamber where the steam is produced with the help of a steam generator. The patient is made to sit in the Steam Chamber where only the head is left exposed. In the beginning, it should be given for 5-7 min, but later as the patient gets used to it, the duration can be increased to 15 min. The head is covered with wet towel and cold water is poured over the head when the rest of the body is in the steam chamber.

As the steam is generated, the body starts heating up and starts sweating. This helps in removing all the toxins of the body with sweat. After the session is over, the person should rub his body thoroughly and then take a normal bath with cold water. Our steam chambers are provided with eucalyptus oil essence which mixes with steam and when inhaled, it benefits the respiratory passage.

Local Steam Bath: The full body steam bath is followed by Local Steam Bath, where the steam is thrown over the desired local parts of the body with the help of a pipe.

Health problems in which Steam Bath is recommended: Health problems with increased uric acid, skin disorders, joint pains and arthritis, Stress, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs. Hoarseness, Allergies, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Stiff joints, Muscular pain, Muscular tension

 Benefits of Steam Bath:

  • Steam Bath is considered to be one of the most popular therapies known to act as the natural cleaner of all the systems of the body. It deep cleanses the skin, helps eliminates the toxins from the body and boosts up your Immune System.
  • Steam Bath increases the blood circulation as the blood vessels dilate. This also increases the blood flow to the skin and nourishes it.
  • The general body temperature gradually rises while taking a Steam Bath. This is called Hyperthermia. This helps destroying the invading organisms and mimics the natural defense of the body just like when you get fever and your temperature rises. It has proved to be the only detoxification program which helps removing fat stored toxins in the body through heat stress detoxification. It can also remove calcium deposits from the blood vessels and break down the scar tissue from their walls. Many invading micro organisms cannot sustain in increased body temperature and there for die. Even if they don’t kill all the organisms, they reduce them to a number where the body immunity can take over and fight to kill them.
  • Steam Bath also reduces physical and mental stress and relaxes all the muscles. It relieves Anxiety and Sleep disorders too.
  • As the temperature rises, it even increases the body metabolism. This, along with excessive sweating also helps lose weight in obese patients.
  • Steam Bath relieves discomforts from Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Hoarseness, Allergies. The steam inhaled while a Steam Bath helps clear the mucus from the lungs. The warmth soothes the airway too.
  • It relieves the muscular pain and causes muscle relaxation. Problems like stiff joints, joint pains, Rheumatism and Arthritis are perfectly dealt with Steam Bath.
  • Even as a Beauty aspect, Steam Bath improves the circulation and blood flow to the skin, nourishing it with intensive and comprehensive cleansing. It even keeps the skin hydrated and emulsifies the fat of sebaceous glands. It makes the skin smoother and healthier. The detoxification effect of Steam Bath also helps in better liver conditions.
  • It has been seen to be helpful in many skin problems like Skin eruptions, Acne and chapped skin.