Spine Bath


A Spinal bath is not just a regular back bath. Our specialized apparatus for Spinal Bath allows one to lie down comfortably. The head rest allows the patients to make them comfortable. Now water is released from the linear jet on the entire spine. This forceful pressure of the jet on the spine through hydrotherapy benefits the spinal curvature and it has a therapeutic effect of it.

Spine bath helps in all kinds of spinal and nervous problems. Spine Bath is one of the important hydrotherapies given in Naturopathy. Spine Bath  along with giving a relaxing sensation also benefits many problems like chronic backache, lumbar spondylosis and other spinal problems. Spine bath has also shown a support in treatment to depression, hysteria, anxiety, stressful conditions and mental disorders. It also relieves sciatica pain, hypertension, insomnia. Giving a relaxing and distressing effect, it helps in nervous and mental conditions too.