Our Hospital

Dr.P.N.Mehra Memorial Homeopathic Cancer & General Hospital was constructed in 1984 with the funds collected through donations. The hospital was renovated in 2009 which gave the Hospital a modern and bigger look.

This hospital is spread over an area of 1300 sq.yds and houses separate departments for Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Wheat Grass, Yoga & Electronic Body Shaping.

Since the holistic treatment is engaging and attracting attention in circles where people are turning back to natural healing processes, Manav Hitkari Sangh is generating a climate conducive to the widespread appreciation of natural curative method of Homeopathy to which Naturopathy, Yoga and Wheat grass treatment have been added with encouraging results.

Homeopathy: The Hospital currently has a newly renovated outdoor Homeopathic Section, which capacitates four OPD’s of the department. Homeopathic Department has a big waiting area which can capacitate 40 patients at a time.

We have the most modern Homeopathic Pharmacy to meet the international standards where we pay special attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Our Pharmacy has a wide range of over 1000 important Indian and German medicines, tinctures as well as all kinds of popular patent homeopathic products.

We have opted for a modern method of keeping patient management and prescription on computers which saves a lot of hassle and paper.

Naturopathy: The Hospital has a newly renovated Outdoor Naturopathic wing, which includes separate sections for males and females. The Males are strictly prohibited in the female section. A Qualified Naturopathic Doctor has also been appointed who takes care of each patient personally. Both, the male & female sections have two categories of rooms – A Deluxe room which is on the sharing basis and the other one being, the Super Deluxe room where the patient gets a private room for all the treatments. Each room has an attached bathroom and a treatment room.  The hospital pays a special attention on cleanliness and hygiene. Each room and bathroom with all its apparatus, are washed and cleaned with potassium permanganate and other disinfectants after each treatment. The Hospital provides special packages depending upon the combinations of treatment, category of room and the duration.

Wheat Grass Therapy: Wheat Grass Therapy is a unique therapy which was pioneered by us in Rajasthan about 25 years ago. The Hospital has a Green House which has a capacity of over 1000 servings a day. Climate and Temperature is always maintained at the Green House, suitable for the Grass to grow. The wheat used is always Organic and also grown in pure organic way, without the use of any inorganic fertilizer. No insecticides are used during the cultivation of the Wheat Grass. The mud used to grow the Wheat Grass is dumped in a pit and recycled as the roots of the used and cut grass decays and acts as a natural fertilizer. Wheat Grass Juice has become a perfect health drink, commonly called the green blood, which has the potential to prevent and cure many diseases including Cancer.

Yoga: Yoga has always been one of the best exercises to stay healthy. We have an all new and exclusive Yoga hall to capacitate over 20 people at a time. We have regular morning Yoga classes with a qualified Yoga Instructor.

Other Facilities: Parking facilities are available for both four wheelers and two wheelers at the Hospital. Wheel Chair and Stretcher services are available at the Hospital for particular patients.

We always believe in staying close to nature and providing you the best natural treatments. We have a rain water harvesting system to collect all the rain water falling in the Hospital Vicinity so that we can save as much water and return it to Mother Nature with thanks. Our backyard holds a beautiful garden as a pleasant site to the patients coming for their treatment. We are soon planning to make the entire hospital Solar Power dependent.