NATUROPATHY: Naturopathy is a science in which all Natural means like air, water, steam, mud, heat, light, diet regulation etc are used to bring the body systems in harmony and cure itself of diseases like constipation and other digestive disorders, asthma, diabetes , high blood pressure, skin problems, joint problems, obesity etc. At our center, regular Naturopathic treatment is provided by our trained staff from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM, with separate Male and Female sections, having newly renovated, modern deluxe and semi-deluxe rooms. We provide therapies like Steam Bath, Jacuzzi, Mud Bath, Spine & Hip Bath, Head and Body Massage, Enema, Hot and Cold Bath etc.

We offer you a combined treatment of Naturopathy and Homeopathy in one cost so as to deal with your health problems with both the natural tools. Both the treatments complement each other and benefit your health.

Our Hospital, being a unique center of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Yoga and Wheat Grass Therapy all together, believes in taking care of you in the most Natural way. These therapies complement each other for the benefit of the health of the patients.

Man of today’s time has a fast and busy lifestyle. Instances of infectious diseases have come down among people but this has taken over by lifestyle problems which are even more dangerous. In Today’s scenario, a person’s stressful routine has an improper diet, lack of physical exercise and so many pollutants in the environment that it tends to damage the health gradually. In such a condition, Naturopathy has a lot to offer not only in the ailments of people but even as a stress buster to develop mental health of a person.

Nature never has painful methods. All the naturopathic treatments being relaxing, rejuvenating and pleasurable not only cure the person from their ailments and diseases but also improve the mental and physical well being of healthy people.

Naturopathy is a unique alternative system of treatment which heals the ailments through the potentials of Nature. It is a system which works towards a cure without the use to any surgical procedures or medicines. Naturopathy uses the healing powers of Natural Therapies using Air, Water, Mud, Sun Light and Temperature. It has been an ancient traditional science which has been practiced world over.

As the people are turning back towards Nature and Natural means of treatment, Naturopathy offers a lot more than one can imagine. Not only limiting itself to medical conditions, Naturopathy is very effective in maintaining general health and preventing diseases. Naturopathy is to the body, what servicing is to a machine. Different treatments, using the natural methods, have different effect on various parts and systems of the body.

Naturopathy has the capacity to prevent and in some cases also cure the disease. There are a few principles of Naturopathy. Firstly, the ailments are caused by the intoxication of the body by the polluted substances which is aimed to remove.

Second, the intoxicants cause diseases, and not the micro organisms like Bacteria and Viruses. They simply feed on them.

Third, the Mother Nature itself cures the person and it is the best Doctor. Thus, Naturopathy includes all the components of Nature to treat the person and not just the ailments.

Naturopathy includes treatments which benefit all the systems of the body, thus being a holistic medical science, it requires no medicine and just the Natural Therapies and treatments to treat and clean the body. Naturopathy also teaches one to live a healthy life by changing their routine habits for good. Along with curing the person from the ailment, Naturopathy even makes us strong and glowing.

Nature’s components like food, water and mud along with various different massages makes Naturopathy a different and unique science. Change of food and eating habits include quality of diet instead of quantity. It is advised to eat as much raw food as possible. Fruits and Vegetables in raw form have great contribution to health. Eating regularly rather than eating more or less is another approach of Naturopathy.

Water, being the most important component of nature includes a lot of Naturopathic treatments. It has Hot and Cold bath, Steam Bath, Spine Bath, Full Tub Bath, Hip Bath, Hand and Foot Bath, Enemas and they all have different benefits over different systems and parts of body. Many of these treatments extract the waste toxins form the body.

Mud therapies like Mud packs and Full Mud bath not only gives pleasure but also extracts toxins from the skin and system. They are helpful in ailments like sleeplessness, hypertension, stress headaches, anxiety, constipation etc.

Naturopathy also includes various types of massages which increase the blood flow of muscles, relaxes the muscular pains and stiffness. It helps release the toxins from the muscles and makes them stronger. Apart from the medical benefit of massages, they can even be taken for mental and physical relaxation and leisure.