Mud Bath


Our center incorporates a separate Mud Bathroom where patients are given Mud Bath. Clay is generally used in the Mud Bath, stored in Mud Rooms which are dark and closed chambers. The Mud is never reused or recycled and is discarded after use. Fresh and refined Clay is used for each bath which is free of any kind of impurities or foreign particles.

We provide you Mud Therapy in both forms – Full Mud Bath and Mud Packs

Mud Packs: are applied over desired local parts. Mud Packs are generally applied over parts like forehead, eyes, face, abdomen, arms and legs. Mud packs are applied with thin and wet muslin cloth in such a way that only the desired part comes in touch with the Mud.

Mud Pack to Eye causes relaxation to them, specially suggested for those who work in computer a lot. It also has a therapeutic effect which reduces problems related to eyes like conjunctivitis, allergy, red or itchy eyes. It is beneficial for vision defects as well as Glaucoma by reducing Intra Ocular Pressure – pressure inside the eye.

Mud Packs to Face and Head are beneficial for chronic congestive headaches. It even helps improving skin complexion. It extracts excessive oil and toxins from the skin and heals acne too. It also helps reduce dark circles around eyes.

Mud Packs on abdomen are applied to improve digestive problems. It absorbs the intestinal heat and improves the bowel movement.

Full Mud Bath: A full mud bath consists of applying moistened clay/mud all over the body. The person is made to sit in sun light which gradually allows the mud to dry and thereby having its therapeutic effect on skin. After the mud dries up, it is scrapped off and a proper bath is taken in the mud bathrooms. This way the mud acts as a natural conditioner, improving the skin quality. It is a natural beauty treatment, which will also improve the body skin complexion.


Mud has always been one of the most important elements of nature and has been the most basic element of life. Being a naturally rich source of minerals, it has a numerous positive effects on human health. Mud has the potential to absorb toxins from the body thus preventing many diseases and improving health. Since ancient times, mud has even been used as an excellent healing agent. Its cooling effect helps relaxing the body as it holds moisture for a longer period of time.

 Benefits of Mud Bath:

  • Skin: It is a natural conditioner to hair and scalp. It makes the skin smooth, nourishing it with minerals and nutrients. Mud improves the skin quality, takes up the heat and toxins from the skin and gives a cool and relaxing effect. This prevents and treats a lot of skin problems including psoriasis, leucoderma, acne, eczema, urticaria, scars etc. Mud bath even improves the natural complexion of skin and helps remove marks and spots due to various diseases like chicken pox.
  • Injury: Mud has always been known as an excellent natural healer. Wounds and Injuries like sprains, bruises, inflammation, spasms, strains, swelling and boils. It not only helps the injury to recover but also relaxes the muscles and relieves the pain due to injury or inflammation.
  • Diseases: Mud has greater benefits than one can think of. It has been widely used to improve conditions like influenza and scarlet fever as it takes up the heat and toxins, gives a cool and relaxing effect and increases the blood circulation. Various joint pains and stiffness, muscular cramps, rheumatism and arthritis are successfully relieved by mud therapy. Mud packs have also been prescribed for ear and eye troubles, liver and kidney diseases, digestive problems, headache, nerve pain as well as anxiety.
  • Digestion: Mud packs applied over Abdomen releases the heat of abdomen and intestines, helping a proper intestinal movement. Mud packs are also useful in cases of chronic gastric troubles, flatulence, stomach aches and constipation.
  • Apart from the health effects, Mud bath also helps in toning up the skin and body. It also improves the metabolism and thereby digestion and eventually Weight Loss. Mud bath has a relaxing effect on mind and body which is a way out as a stress buster keeping you away from tensions and anxiety.

The Mud Therapy is advantageous over cold compression as it has a longer cooling effect. It is even cost effective and can be easily applied over the body parts.