Hand & Foot Bath

Foot-BathHaving various types of baths, Naturopathy offers relaxing Hand and Foot bath both with cold water as well as hot water. Apart from the rejuvenating effect, both hand and foot bath has its own benefits. Both these baths have a designated tub where one can comfortably dip hands and feet for the bath.

Arm & Hand Bath: The arm and hand bath can be either a hot bath or a cold bath. The Hot Arm and Hand Bath is approximately given for 15 minutes. The patient is asked to dip the arms in water put in the hand bath tub. The temperature of the water inside the tub is then increased.

Benefits: The hot bath causes the dilation of the blood vessels of the arms causing the increase of blood flow in the arms from the body. The hot temperature causes the increase of perspiration too. Hot Arm Bath gives relief in chest pains, cough and asthmatic problems of the lungs.

A contrast hot and cold Arm Bath includes alternate dipping of hands in hot and cold water. This gives immense relief in muscular pains of the arms and hands. Is gives relief in muscular strains and sprain of hands. It gives a gentle massage to the hands and is beneficial in joint pains of hands in cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Foot Bath: The foot bath tub is customized to allow the dipping of legs till the knees with the tub covered with a lid. Both hot water and cold water baths are given. Hot water bath is given for around 15 minutes and cold water bath for 2-4 minutes.

Benefits: The hot foot bath causes stimulation of the muscular structure of the uterus. It increases the blood flow of the lower half of body, increasing the blood supply to uterus and ovaries, helping irregular menstruation. It even relieves the strains, sprains and sciatica pains of the legs. It also helps in joint pains of the feet.

Cold foot bath given for 2-4 minutes helps in congestive muscular pains and uterine hemorrhages, excessive uterine bleeding. It gives relief in sprains and strains. An alternate hot and cold foot bath even gives relief in muscular pains, arthritis and even in the varicose veins.