Enema Therapy

Enema therapy has been a very popular and widespread Naturopathic therapy. Our center facilitates different male and female enema rooms with male and female attendants where the patient is asked to lie down on the special enema table. As Cleanliness and Hygiene is our primary concern, we use a fresh enema tube for every therapy and discard the used one.

Enema has been very effective and useful in cases of chronic constipation as well as detoxification. It also improves the general condition of the digestive system and of the large intestine.

In Enema Therapy, lukewarm water is introduced in the body through rectum. It is performed using a water container and a tube with its nozzle. The enema table is positioned in an inclined way with the patient lying on the right side and the legs elevated to facilitate the proper introduction of water into the colon and rectum. After 2-3 minutes of holding the water in the rectum, the patient is then allowed to evacuate the water in the toilet.

It is important to note that enema should always be given by a trained person as improper method of enema therapy may result in stomach cramps, irritation and even nausea with vomiting. We have a fully trained staff with years of experience to provide you the best treatment.

Supportive care through diet includes intake of fibers and plenty of water throughout the day in cases of chronic constipation.

Benefits of Enema Therapy:

Warm Water Enema helps in cleaning the colon and rectum. It helps in evacuating the impacted and accumulated dry and hard stools in constipated people. Even if the person is not constipated, Enema helps improving the bowel actions called the peristaltic movements.

Alteration of temperature of water has different benefits. Cold water Enema helps in inflammatory conditions of colon and rectum like diarrhea and dysentery. It is effective in cases of Inflammatory bowel disease, Ulcerative Colitis, bleeding or non bleeding Hemorrhoids and even fever. Hot Water Enema helps in cases of Irritable bowel syndrome, irritation or pain due to inflammatory conditions of the intestines, infection or worm infestation in the colon.

There are even alterations done by providing Neem water, Caffeine water etc for detoxification purposes. Enema Therapy is highly recommended in patients with chronic illnesses, bed ridden conditions or illnesses which do not allow a lot of movement of the patient.

Enema Therapy stimulates the digestive system and lower bowel movements. It removes the parasitic growth from the intestines. It helps in removing the toxic waste products, heavy metals adhering to the intestinal walls. It encourages the liver functions and lymphatic waste removal. It improves the general health and immune system of the person.