About Us

MANAV HITKARI SANGH, a charitable organization for the Benefit of the Humanity which was established by Late Dr.P.N.Mehra, a renowned Homeopath of Rajasthan on 26th January, 1962.

Since more than 50 years now, Manav Hitkari Sangh has been serving people medically through Homeopathy. The organization has now achieved a stage of maturity treating 40,000 patients a year. Patients suffering from various kinds of diseases seek medical treatment and the charges are meagre irrespective of the cost of medicine and duration. Poor patients are given free treatment and medicines and this comprises a large number.

The organization earns from its medical center, Dr.P.N.Mehra Memorial Homeopathic Cancer & General Hospital and Naturopathic Center, located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The organization also gets funds from some generous donors who want to help, through our organization, the poor people who are suffering from various illnesses.

The Organization has been arranging free medical health camps and free check up booths time to time. The organization also provides a free treatment to the poor patients in general. The main field of action for the organization has always been the battle against Cancer. This includes not only Cancer treatment through Homeopathy but also Cancer awareness and preventions against Cancer among the people. The organization, along with its sister concern Vidhya Sangam, has been running a Cancer Support Group – SEVA, through which it has been helping poor Cancer patients financially, socially, emotionally. The Cancer Support Group also helps the patients to arrange connivance and funds for their investigations and scans.

Manav Hitkari Sangh is a registered organization under the Rajasthan Societies Act. The organization is run on No Profit No Loss basis. It has a registered constitution. Many kind hearted people volunteer and become a member of the organization. The organization has a proper General body and Executive body members and all the decisions are passed by them collectively as per the constitution.

The organization has always been welcoming generous donors who want to help us in this service to poor patients. Donations to Manav Hitkari Sangh are exempt under Section 80G of Income Tax Act in India.

Manav Hitkari Sangh has always been with a clean image in the Society. All the members and workers of the organization have been working with full dedication and hard work to treat, support and help poor patients.

The motto of ManavHiitkari Sangh has always been ‘Mashal’, a candle, which burns itself to lighten up the darkness.

A short history : Manav Hitkari Sangh was formed by generous volunteers who were in association with Late Dr.P.N.Mehra, the founder of Manav Hitkari Sangh. Mrs.Janak Gorwaney, the President of Manav Hitkari Sangh and Mrs.Preeti Adnani, the Vice-President of Manav Hitkari Sangh, have a great role to play in the existence of the organization. Late Mrs.Sushma Mehra, wife of Late Dr.P.N.Mehra, also had a great contribution who always supported him in all the hard times they went through to build up this organization and serve humanity.

The organization had started with a small clinic where free homeopathic medicines were given to the poor patients. Slowly as the organization grew, and with the support of the funds from donors, a land was bought in 1974. It took 10 more years to collect enough funds to construct a medical center to expand our services for humanity. In 1984, the construction of our medical center began which until today has become a busy center where poor as well as needy people are served.

After the demise of Late Dr.PN Mehra on 22nd February 1994, his son Dr.Alok Mehra took over the charge of running the Sangh as the new Chief. Many well wishers like Mr.RM Vasudevan, Mr.Rahul Duggal, Mrs.Preeti Adnani have their unforgettable contribution and services to the Sangh. The Hospital went under renovation in 2009 and has emerged out as a Health center to match the modern times.